Miles of Green is a trusted name in providing expert lawn care management and quality customer service. Everyone on our team is a nationally certified turfgrass manager and Licensed Applicator’s in Ohio. Miles of Green ensures that your lawn recieves the highest standard of care.

Our Offerings

Tailored to Your Lawn

Lawn Care Program

6 applications of a balanced slow release fertilizer and weed control every 5 to 7 weeks.


Preventative Grub Control

Protect your lawn from damaging white grubs with early summer stress reducer applications.


Surface Lawn Insect Control

Keep insects outside with our inconspicuous Pest Control treatments, preserving the comfort of your home.


Core Aeration

Relieve soil compaction and promote healthy root growth with mechanical lawn aeration. Consider over seeding to thicken your lawn.


Over Seeding

Thicken your lawn, reduce weeds, and enhance disease resistance with premium seed blends.


Soil Test

Identify and address nutrient deficiencies with a soil test, especially crucial in new subdivisions with potentially low nutrient levels.


Supplemental Applications

Tailored applications to address specific soil deficiencies identified in the soil test, ensuring optimal lawn health.


Disease Control

Prevent or manage lawn diseases through fungicide applications or supplemental fertilizer.


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