Preventative Grub Control

Guard Your Green:

Treatment Essential for a Healthy Lawn

Damaging white grubs are the larvae of Japanese and masked chaffer beetles. In June they lay their eggs preferable in well maintained lawns because it gives their eggs the best chance for survival. Then in mid to late summer the eggs will hatch and the larvae will feed between right below the surface of the lawn severing the root system from the top growth. The best way to protect your lawn is to treat for grubs preventatively because they can and will do extensive damage to your lawn before you even know you have a problem. This is  applied during the early summer stress reducer application.

So Why Go With Preventative Grub Control?

Preventative Grub Control Benefits

Proactive Grub Protection

Our service for early summer treatment shields your lawn from destructive white grub feeding, preserving its health, vitality, and preventing extensive damage.

Preserving Lawns

Our service is perfect for lush lawns, guarding against Japanese and masked chaffer beetles. We protect your lawn’s aesthetic appeal, preventing damage and preserving your maintenance efforts.

Early Detection

Our service detects and resolves grub issues early in the summer, preventing significant damage and saving you from hassles and repair costs.

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