Core Aeration

Relieve your lawns stress:

Enhance Root Growth

Core lawn aeration is the mechanical process of removing plugs of soil and making numerous openings in the lawn. These openings will relieve soil compaction and allow more air and water to reach the root zone of the lawn which will aid in good root growth. Lawn aeration will also help reduce any thatch build-up in the lawn.

Over Seeding is a great service to get along with your aeration to help thicken up your lawn.

So Why Go With The Core Aeration?

Core Aeration Benefits

Improved Soil Aeration

Core lawn aeration removes soil plugs, improving air and water flow to the root zone for essential nutrients and oxygen, promoting robust and vibrant grass.

Thatch Reduction

Aeration reduces thatch by creating soil openings and promoting microbial activity, resulting in a healthier lawn and improved turf quality.

Enhanced Root Growth

Aeration promotes robust root systems, making your lawn resilient to stressors and ensuring year-round lushness. Core lawn aeration is a wise, long-term investment in your grass’s health.

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